Absentee Voting

South Carolina allows certain people to vote absentee in every election. We are still awaiting word if any of those qualifications are modified prior to the June 9th primary. In the meantime, if you want to vote absentee the fastest way to do that is to visit the South Carolina Election Commission website and apply for your absentee ballot online. Your ballot will then be mailed to you.

Who Can Vote Absentee?

Currently qualified absentee voters include persons 65 years old or older, active duty military, citizens overseas, disabled persons, poll watchers, people for reasons due to unemployment can’t vote on election day, and others who cannot vote in person on election day.

How To Vote Absentee?

Voters may request an absentee ballot in person, by phone (except authorized representatives), by mail, or by contacting your county voter registration office in the county in which you are registered. County Voter Registration Contact Information.

Voting In Person Absentee

You may vote in person absentee at your county election commission office starting May 9th.

Otherwise, only you or a member of your family or a representative for you can request an absentee ballot for you from the South Carolina Election Commission online.